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The quality of our diesel guarantees the safety of your home. The experience and expertise behind us for 30 years. Canoven working for peace of mind.


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Oil Canoven home

We distribute oil at home to deliver it at the time you specify.
We ensure fast, professional service tailored to the needs of our customers and meeting all security measures of our staff in loads, deliveries and pickups, handling and storage.

With just one call or through our contact forms, our technicians will be presented in your home advising you on any questions you may have about fittings, consumption, performance, regulatory or frequent problems, and providing the best solutions for each installation.

For transport

For agricultural or industrial use

  For your home

CANOVEN gasóleo a domicilio

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Flat rate

Express service 24 h

Diesel Home


Best Price

Oil for your home

Our fuel is completely safe and respectful environment providing ideal comfort to your home, besides being a very cost effective option for energy efficiency and low cost.

We also have a special express service 24 hours to supply diesel in the best conditions of comfort, price, quality and safety.

Diesel fuel industrial

We have the ideal for industrial activity and agricultural machinery that will protect your engine from corrosion and keep your fuel system and fuel injection fuel in top condition.
Our products offer high energy efficiency being constantly informed of the latest advances and developments in the sector.

Diesel for transport

Fill the tank with us will optimize the performance of their vehicles and will result in savings for you in costs extending the life of your vehicle, either a truck or light.
Due to the absence of sulfur is cleaner and cleaner fuel, helping to protect the environment.

Canoven Flat Rate

How does it work?
You may request payment in months and NO DOWN PAYMENT.
Just call and a couple of data that ask you, will give high assigning a credit supply proceeding.
For any doubt or ask queries information.

 No fee initial

 Payment by installments

 See simulation postponement flat rate

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CANOVEN gasoleo a domicilio

Our facilities


Distribution Center Gasóleos
· C/ Llanterner nº 4 (Paterna)

Bp Gas Stations
· Avd. Vicente Mortes Alfonso 99 (Paterna)
· Carretera Paterna a la Cañada km 2
· C/ Maestro Rodrigo, esquina Valle de la Ballestera (Valencia)

Shell Gas Stations
· C/ Cristo de la Fe (Paterna)

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