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Tips for saving on your heating.

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  1. Good insulation in our doors and windows and use weather stripping to plug drafts. Carpet use.
  2. Lower the blinds at night to better maintain the temperature. The ideal thermal curtains are either thick lining. We should note that the windows are one of the leading causes of heat leakage.
  3. Place reflective panels para el radiador con el que conseguiremos proyectar el calor hacia la habitación, evitando que se filtre por la pared.
  4. Ventilate not more than 10 minutes: We avoid the walls and floor to cool.
  5. Do not place furniture in front of radiators that absorb heat and prevents it stays hot.
  6. Choose the temperature well: The recommended temperature is not wasting energy during the day between 19 and 21 ° C, while at night is between 15 and 17 ° C. With oil heating, the boiler must be at 70º C.
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