Diesel A

For transportation: cars and trucks. It is supplied diesel at gas stations.
In Spain there are two kinds of diesel allowed A: A Diesel or Diesel or Diesel Premium.
The use of our oil will bring numerous benefits:

  • Improved combustion
  • Fuel economy
  • Noise Reduction
  • Maximum protection for engines
  • Less wear on the injection pump

Oil B

For agricultural or industrial use: The price is a little lower than A because the tax charged by the state is lower. It is the same product as A but is added a dye (tracer) to prevent misuse.

This fuel is composed of elements that protect rust and keeps clean the injection system, which will improve their maintenance and machinery suffer fewer breakdowns.

Oil C

For household boilers, oven or industry: Its price is similar to diesel B, being the same product as above but with other tracers. It is the most calorific gas oil has, the most suitable of the three to produce heat.

Canoven Gasóleo a domicilio

Our product comes mainly from one of the most technologically advanced refineries in Europe, located in Castellón.

Canoven Gasóleo a domicilio

Perfectly meet the quality parameters established by the EC.

CANOVEN gasoleo a domicilio
CANOVEN gasoleo a domicilio productos


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Our diesel besides having 30% more kilo-calories the gas additive, an not produce any explosion or accident within the housing, as in many occasions with the gas.

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